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Our Product


EPS 360TM connects the stakeholder relationships which exist across the US healthcare system, provides a single version of customers, breaks down existing information silos, enhances workflow and process, and improves business performance.

About EPS 360TM

EPS 360TM was designed by a team of healthcare and biopharmaceutical experts in cooperation with leading-edge technical specialists to support the functionality needed in an intuitive platform capable of working in our industry. The combination of domain expertise and technical innovation yielded an object oriented model that has been designed to handle the unique relationship structure of the multi-stakeholder healthcare ecosystem.

Accountable Care Organizations

Integrated-delivery Network

Physicians & Hospitals


EPS 360TM is more than just business stakeholders. It is about people, specifically, the key individuals relevant to your business. To complete the 360 degree view of the healthcare landscape we know you need the perspective of key individuals.

Accessibility and Scalability

EPS 360TM is available from anywhere and brings all your information, reports, and dashboards to any location. Every part of EPS 360TM, from the standard information, to custom reports and dashboards are instantly available on your desktop, laptop and mobile devices, so you don’t have to worry about being in your office, at a meeting, or on the road.

EPS 360TM is a cloud based application. The solution provides enterprise-grade scalability, so that you can ensure access for one to many users.


Exceptional Track Record

EPS has extensive experience supporting pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device innovators. We offer a full range of strategy, knowledge sharing platforms, and business intelligence services, specializing in creating high impact solutions that leverage key opinion leaders and other stakeholders to meet the specific strategic needs of our clients’.

EPS team has a unique set of scientific and commercial skills based on in-depth industry experience and years of practical application which allows us to combine industry knowledge, technical expertise, marketing and medical research, and commercial expertise to support client strategy.